About us


This website is run by the Tenants and Residents Association – William Sutton Estate, Bethnal Green, London. Our estate is in Bethnal Green, right in the heart of the East End of London. A vibrant and diverse area, with a colourful history. We are a community organisation, with the general aim and intention of making our estate a nicer place for all residents to live.

We are an elected Tenants and Residents Association. We are independent of our landlords Affinity Sutton. We are here to represent Tenants on this estate in Bethnal Green.  Each year we have an AGM where a committee is elected. Any tenant or resident who lives on the estate is welcome to stand for election and be part of the committee.

Our current committee is made up of:

Chairperson: Jane O’Sullivan | 13c Bradbeer House

Vice Chair: Ivell Haastrup | 13a Forber House

Secretary: Michael Jones | 42a Bradbeer House

Treasurer: Carol Stuart Evans | 2A Silvester House

Six other tenants form the rest of the committee.
To make any decisions we need a minimum of four committee members present at a minuted meeting.
Get involved! It’s not scary!

We try to have meetings once a month which are open to any tenant to attend. Notices are on a board outside the Old Workshop.

Our committee is formed to represent tenant views and to build a sense of community on our estate.  We want to try to make it a good place to live. We try to influence our landlords Affinity Sutton, but we also organise our own  fun stuff like events, activities and classes. We have raised money and got small grants to support our projects Check the website to get regular info or come into the Old Workshop when it is open to see what is going on.

All Tenants and Residents on the estate are welcome to get involved and bring their ideas.You don’t have to do much to make a difference and it’s a really nice way to get to know your neighbours.

Call 07847729988 if you want to get in contact with our secretary.